Say Hello, Wave Goodbye - 2000-03-25 Tractor Tavern

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  1. Dave

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    Folks just stumbled on the site, the version Say Hello, Wave Goodbye - 2000-03-25 Tractor Tavern, is magnificent, all 16 minutes of it, sorry I dont have the tech to post a link, check it out you wont be disappointed
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  2. nevermind

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    And here is the link to the concert:
    01 Sail Away
    02 White Ladder
    03 A Century Ends
    04 Lead Me Upstairs
    05 Babylon
    06 My Oh My
    07 Were Not Right
    08 Late Night Radio >
    09 Faster, Sooner, Now
    10 Silver Lining
    11 Please Forgive Me
    12 This Years Love
    13 Flame Turns Blue
    01 Wisdom
    02 Shine
    03 Twilight
    04 Debauchery
    05 Say Hello, Wave Goodbye
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  3. carmel59

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    so, so, good, love the drums
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  4. ak11

    ak11 Well-Known Grayhead

    yeah, easily the best say hello there is. absolutely fantastic.
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