Sept. 26, 2014 - Saenger Theatre - New Orleans, LA.

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  1. wolfie

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    Setlist for New Orleans:

    Birds of the High Arctic

    Back in the World

    As the Crow Flies


    Beautiful Agony

    Last Summer


    My Oh My




    Mansion on the Hill (DG solo)

    Laughing Gas

    Girl Like You

    Be Mine (DG, Keith & Tim)

    Babylon (DG solo)

    Sail Away

    Slow Motion



    Silver Lining

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  2. Rena

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    Thanks you for posting the setlist so quickly after the show Wolfie.

    Mansion On The Hill - what a treat!

    And now patiently waiting for your thoughts about the show :)
  3. nevermind

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    "Laughing Gas" is back! :)

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  4. RosalieEP

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    Be Mine is a surprise. It's been a while since that one was played, hasn't it? Hope it was a great one for you!
  5. carmel59

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    My gosh!! Mansion on the hill, laughing gas, silver lining, beautiful
  6. Saintsfan

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    Fantastic show ! He congratulated Wolfie during the concert as well as on Instagram so she got to take a well deserved bow.

    No time for photos or a review yet, but wanted to thank Sheryl for coming all the way from DC and sharing a wonderful evening !!
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  7. wolfie

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    I didn't sleep at all last night so please forgive me if this is the worst concert report you've ever read! For some reason adrenaline just doesn't listen when you tell it, go away, I need to sleep! :)

    So as most of you know by now the show last night in New Orleans was my 100th time seeing DG in concert. The concert was held at the beautiful Saenger Theatre so what a special location for a special occasion. The crowd was a little strange - maybe a little more disengaged than I was expecting but not rowdy at all either, though, so overall just fine. There was one funny moment when I'm not sure what was said but David replied, "I'm not gonna show you my tits - you wouldn't want to see them anyway." Eek!

    Birds of the High Arctic got the show off to a stirring start, as it has been doing. When David jumps up from the piano and takes the microphone to sing out closer to the edge of the stage it really gets the crowd going. So, again, I see what makes this such a compelling opener! The crowd did some clapping along to Back in the World. It's clearly a favorite from Mutineers. David started singing the wrong words at the beginning of As the Crow Flies and laughed it off saying, "I guess it's longer to the good stuff than I thought." Prior to Beautiful Agony was the above mentioned funny moment. Last Summer was beautiful and followed up with the still fun and fabulous Cake. I like David playing so many Mutineers songs at the beginning. It works. It's such a strong album and I think that even if people aren't totally familiar with the songs it's still easy to get into them and enjoy them.

    Before starting My Oh My David did something I was absolutely not expecting and announced to the crowd that it was my 100th show. I was in shock so I'm not totally sure what happened but there was a lot of applauding and cheering, I think, which was very sweet. So really the Instagram comment coming after he had already done that at the show floors me and means a lot to me. Anyway, great My Oh My followed by a lively Fugitive and a beautiful Kathleen.

    What can I say about Nemesis?!? Nemesis is, was, and always will be a legend of a song. It's a song that surprises me every time with its ability to stir up my deepest emotions. Every time it starts I can't wait to see what journey David is on and I can't wait to take it with him.

    After Nemesis came Mansion on the Hill. It was not on the setlist and was a complete surprise to the band, who remained on stage while David played it solo. What a gift. What an absolute treat. That stunner was followed by the delicate Laughing Gas - - also a treat to get. Girl Like you was next and then another treat - Be Mine! The crowd should have been a little more pumped when DG announced they were playing it! It was DG, Keith and Tim on that one and then Keith and Tim left and David did Babylon solo. Once again DG requested singing along but no clapping along. That cracks me up every time! Babylon and Sail Away really got the crowd going.

    Ah, Slow Motion. So good to have it back That beauty was followed by Please Forgive Me. It took a while for the crowd to get to their feet and start clapping but they finally did and it was a great high energy closing. The crowd remained on their feet for the encore. First up - Silver Lining. I am in love with the ending of that song and all the “yeah, yeah, yeah”s. The One I Love was rocking and a perfect way to end the show.

    In closing I want to thank David, the band, and the crew for all of their hard work last night and every night. The show they put on is really, really special. I know they appreciate all of us who go to the shows and I hope they know how much we appreciate what they do. David is a remarkable person. I thank him from the bottom of my heart for all that he does and gives.
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    That is the one description of what WE ALL feel about that song, as I guess. Great that you mentioned it out here! Well done review - not bad at all. Great to have you here. Thank you so much and after the next 96 concerts I will make such one too :p <3
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