September 29, 2014 - Ruth Eckerd Hall - Clearwater, FL (Show Link on Post #9)

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  1. Franksgiving

    Franksgiving New Grayhead

    What an awesome show tonight! I really enjoyed it.

    The tape sounds good, I just have to clean it up and track it and I'll release it on the archive and on I will have the pull out sometime this week. I am also very lucky, I was the only taper there.

    ..and oh man, Nemesis was amazing
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  2. d Man

    d Man New Grayhead

    Frank!!! What up man!? I was at the show, but had to leave half-way. Was really looking forward to Nemesis, can't wait to hear the tape!

  3. d Man

    d Man New Grayhead

    P.S Can you throw a link up when it's there?
  4. nevermind

    nevermind Well-Known Grayhead

    from the review by the Tamba By Times:

    Review: David Gray (and his band) shine in euphoric show at Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater
    (...) Twenty-two years into a career of ups and downs, it's possible Gray has never sounded so alive -- even though, as he admitted, his soulful pipes were a little on the fritz.

    "I've got a bit of an Axl Rose vocal thing going on tonight," he smirked in a gritty rasp. No matter: The band was there to back him(...)​

    more here:

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  5. nevermind

    nevermind Well-Known Grayhead

    Btw I wouldn't want to keep this tweet from you away:

    "Chris Connors ‏@cconnors75 3h3 hours ago
    Pretty sure the audience is going to have a Jonathan Franzen lookalike contest after this David Gray concert ends."

  6. Rena

    Rena Admin Staff Member

    That's great news. Really looking forward to listening to your recording. Please post a link on here once you are ready.
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  7. sixstringedman

    sixstringedman Member Grayhead

    Found a setlist for this show:

    Birds Of the High Arctic
    Girl Like You
    Cake and Eat It
    Back In the World
    As the Crow Flies
    Last Summer
    My Oh My
    Sail Away
    Slow Motion
    Please Forgive Me
    Flame Turns Blue
    This Year's Love
    Babylon (acoustic)
    Silver Lining
    The One I Love


    Jealous of Twilight! That's one of those songs I have been vying for... plus to have it followed with Shine. Must've been quite the little lovely moment. ;)

    Can't wait to hear the recording!
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  8. RosalieEP

    RosalieEP Well-Known Grayhead

    Glad it was a good one. I love that Tampa Bay Times review too.

    And yikes! I hope FL leaves DG with a voice by the Charleston show!
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  9. Franksgiving

    Franksgiving New Grayhead

    Here it is.....Enjoy!

    Please let me know your thoughts on the pull.


    David Gray
    Ruth Eckerd Hall
    Clearwater, FL
    September 29, 2014

    Source: Tascam DR-2d Internal Mics (In my hat, on my head)
    Location: Row M, Seat 28 & 29 - Dead Center in front of Center Stack
    Lineage: Tascam DR-2d > Adobe Audition > CD Wave > .flac > You
    Taped, Transferred and Edited by Francis Novoa

    1. Introduction
    2. Birds Of The High Artic
    3. Girl Like You
    4. Cake And Eat It
    5. Back In The World Again
    6. As The Crow Flies
    7. Mutineers
    8. Last Summer
    9. My Oh My
    10. Sail Away
    11. Slow Motion
    12. Please Forgive Me
    13. Flame Turns Blue
    14. This Year's Love
    15. Twilight
    16. Shine
    17. Babylon
    18. Fugitive
    19. Sliver Lining
    20. The One I Love
    21. Nemesis


    - Thank You to David Gray for allowing us tapers to tape. Thank you!

    - Thank you to Ruth Eckerd Hall's staff in being helpful and friendly. Thank you!

    - A *HUGE* Thank you to Lesley in making my hat rig to put my DR-2d in and for helping me track the show. Thank you!

    - Crowd around me was pleasant. Little banter between songs/clapping from people around me, does
    not affect the quality of this recording at all.

    - Please enjoy this show as much as I enjoyed recording it.

    Complied by Francis Novoa on 9.30.14
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2014
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  10. RosalieEP

    RosalieEP Well-Known Grayhead

    Listening now! I'm just on my junky headphones, but it sounds nice and clear to me! :headphone: Thank you so much!

    His voice has me very concerned, though.
  11. davidcotyalex

    davidcotyalex Well-Known Grayhead

    who leaves a show halfway??!
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  12. Rena

    Rena Admin Staff Member

    Thank you so much for the time and effort you have put into this. Much appreciated. Very much looking forward to listening to your recording tonight !
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  13. Seneca

    Seneca Active Grayhead

    Me too... I've heard him mention in past interviews that he doesn't really do much in the way of taking care of his voice, beyond what you and I might do, and that concerned me then. Now you can really hear it. Hopefully it's not a problem that persists much longer on this tour, and hopefully it doesn't have far-reaching consequences moving forward. :(
  14. JackieJo

    JackieJo Active Grayhead

    Made it home this morning after our 3 show road trip. We left Mon after the kids got on the bus and made it to the excellent Ruth Eckerd Hall just as John Smith was taking the stage. We had 2nd row, right of center seats, and everyone around me seemed to be blown away by him. He really shines in an indoor venue and it was nice to see the standing ovations he received from the crowd. I could tell right away when Dave came on stage and started singing that his voice was still struggling. A couple of times it cracked so badly but he just kept going. On a couple of songs, I thought maybe there was extra reverb to round out and extend David's voice. He was still dancing and jumping all over the stage. You can see from above set list -Slow Motion!
    I was hoping for that since I have only heard it live once before. The crowd was extremely pleased with Shine. So was I.
    A great start to the "peninsula tour".:)
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  15. Franksgiving

    Franksgiving New Grayhead

    What up D. It has been awhile, I mean few years. I hope all is well.
  16. MoonfoamandAg

    MoonfoamandAg New Grayhead

    We attended the August 4 Charlotte NC and the September 29 Clearwater FL performances. Both performances were brilliant as usual. In Charlotte we stayed to chat with DG after the show. We discussed the song The Incredible, which must be at least in part about a sunset if you read the lyrics and consider that it was inspired by the book “The Boat in the Evening”. At first he agreed and then backed off and said it was more undefined than that. Oh well, he wrote the song, so who am I to argue. Once again we appreciated him taking the time to take a picture and chat.

    In Florida we saw him from the parking lot wandering around the grounds taking pictures of the swamps and the flora and fauna. Perhaps he saw a solitary heron as that was sung as part of his new ending for Nemesis (which was great). Nobody else seemed to recognize him from the distance and we didn’t disturb him.

    The thing that we were amazed about was the crazy pace at which the band maintained on this tour. The bus left Charlotte around midnight and they played the next night in Nashville, which is a 7 hour drive. They continued this night after night playing 5 and 6 gigs per week. It is no wonder his voice showed some strain, but nobody minded a bit. It must be a very comfortable bus because I don’t know how they do it and maintain the strong energy level.

    I thought the crowd at Ruth Eckerd knew the music and responded quite well. We were thrilled to add two more David Gray concerts to our total of now 8 and can’t wait for # 9 wherever and whenever that may be.
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  17. davidcotyalex

    davidcotyalex Well-Known Grayhead

    I get it that they are tired - timmie admitted as such

    but what I don't understand is I have heard this on these threads on multiple y'all think this is any different from what other bands do? that life on the road isn't brutal for ANY band?? that all bands go at this pace..........if they didn't they wouldn't have a chance in hell to make a y'all think they just go to a town hang out a few days and move on?! lol

    and trust me dg is traveling in style..........they have a legit bus where all have bunks........all get their own rooms when they get to town and chill

    **** me even thath share rooms......and trust me thath are as tired if not more - they have been going hard for two years - thank go d they are taking the first half of 15 off............dg may want to think about something similar altho i think he comes back for more gigs?

    or let's talk about ford or quiet life.................moving from one show to the next and if they are lucky as they were in asheville to get a room like I did for them there were four in two queens..but most nights it is trying to grab a sleep in the back of the van and who the hell knows where the next shower is

    the music business sucks peeps..............while yes this crew is tired and stressed and dg's voice/health on edge this is no different from any other touring band and in many respects WAY better

    just wanted to make sure we are all on the same page here :)
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  18. Michelle Credle

    Michelle Credle Member Grayhead

    By any chance did you record John Smith's set?
    Thank you for the DG recording. It's great!

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