Shelburne, Vermont, July 7, 2012

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    Perhaps one of the best places to see David - outdoors amidst the Green Mountains of Vermont. That's what I thought when I saw the itinerary for summer of 2012.
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    Only for David Gray would we decide to travel 20 hours with 5 kids. We made this our main summer vacation and people marveled all across the country that we would make this trip to see "who is David Gray?" As we pulled into the field for parking, we heard Debauchery being sound checked. It was going to be a great night. I wondered if the band watched in amazement as the gates opened and everyone charged downhill towards the stage with blankets and lawn chairs in tow. It was a wonderful and energetic show. The band was having fun as it was their final show. Even the huge bugs flying in the stage lights didn't seem to bother them too much. David referred to the crowd as "people of the hills" throughout the night and encouraged everyone to get up on their feet. We tried to get a picture with David after the show, but the buses were parked behind a fence. I have to say Thank You to David because we wound up staying at such a beautiful place, The Basin Harbor Club, that we probably would have never visited otherwise. The kids can't wait to see where David will take them next, haha.
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    See, I need to convince my husband that basing a vacation around a gig is the way to go. He was slightly more receptive to the idea after we made the trip to Asheville last year more like a little gateway. I love the idea of exploring a new place with a show.
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    Hello Rosalie & Jackie, we did the same thing, drove 16 hours to see DG in Asheville and stayed a week, earlier in the summer drove 4 hours to Rochester Hills to see him in an outdoor venue, temp was 100 degrees that evening!! But it was fantastic. Those were the first concerts we've seen with DG. Want to plan another vacation trip when he comes back to the US.
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