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  1. Captain Tapir

    Captain Tapir Member Grayhead

    The man is back! While I love Skellig, I have to admit....I'm most excited about possibly getting "Dun Laoghaire" on the album. ;)

    I mean...this album has been in the works for quite a while, I first heard both of those in 2013. It was mentioned in this article in 2016: So fingers crossed!

    Hope everyone has had a safe and uneventful year, with all going on. Cheers!
  2. Main

    Main Active Grayhead

    I have to admit, that I have only heard it today! I put it on repeat and I really love it. Can't wait to hear more new songs.
  3. Captain Tapir

    Captain Tapir Member Grayhead

    Oh my - it’s only TWO WEEKS away?!?!

    plus - Dun Laoghaire...AND Accumulates...AND Laughing Gas?!?!?!


    Never thought I’d get all three at all - but to even get them on the same album!
  4. Captain Tapir

    Captain Tapir Member Grayhead

    Accumulates.....WOW! The little solo-acoustic tune has become a mighty Irish folk gem! Such little added to it, yet it completely changes (and greatly enhances) this song. Dun Laoghaire is very close to how I first heard it, a good thing, and even keeps the little finger-picking runs that I adore. Laughing Gas is nearly unchanged as well, and still beautiful.

    The rest of the album is just a masterpiece in how to create and use space in music. Multiple listens in, and I'm still discovering things in the ether. Spiral Arms, Can't Hurt More Than This and All That We Asked For are (so far) my favorites of the ones I had not previously heard.

    David Gray album release day is just the perfect holiday!! Hope everyone is still taking care, doing well, and finds something on Skellig to escape with.

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