Snow in vegas

Discussion in 'The Lyrics' started by chris johnson, Dec 31, 2015.

  1. chris johnson

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    There is a line in "snow in vegas" that says "I'll command these breakers". I'm wondering if this is a British saying akin to Britannia rules the waves?
  2. Stuart Ronayne

    Stuart Ronayne Member Grayhead

    You may be right Chris , I was thinking along the lines of the King Canute legend where the King tried to stop the tide and control the sea .....I'm British and have heard of this story but not sure if it's a British story ...I vaguely remember some sort of Scandinavian overtones ?? Over to you Google ......;)
  3. chris johnson

    chris johnson Member Grayhead

    Interesting. Like in "the vikings" where the old lady says "Odin , send the wind and turn the tide" to save kirk Douglas. ?

    David's lyrics are endlessly fascinating. I can't wait for more.....
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