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    well at least i'll say this song has a tendency to smash the heart every once and a while.
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    Former Sonic Youth icon guitarist Thurston Moore recently recorded at London studio The Church!

    He disclosed that he’s recorded a new album called Rock & Roll Consciousness with producer Paul Epworth, known for his work with Adele. Moore connected with Epworth after his friend Mark Stewart of The Pop Group said they’d recorded at London studio The Church, where Adele and Epworth worked on 21 and 25.​

    “I couldn’t figure out why a band like The Pop Group would work in that situation, but it turns [Paul Epworth] is from the same place as The Pop Group (Bristol),” Moore said. He added, “He has these two beautiful analog mixing boards – one is the board Pink Floyd used and the other was used by The Rolling Stones. So I worked something out with him, brought the band in and we recorded 9 things in 4 days.”

    The album is awaiting mixing from Randall Dunn, who has previously worked with Sunn O))), Marissa Nadler, Boris, Earth, and others. “It should be a really interesting mix,” Moore promised.​


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