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  1. davidcotyalex

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    So since there isn't a general thread to catch folks impressions overall of the tour the sound the choir the venues the logisitcs etc etc - comments and thoughts that kinda fall somewhere in between the cracks of specific comments on specific gigs...........

    anyway my two cents so far

    generally speaking all of these gigs so far seem to be meeting and frankly WAY exceeding the expectations of all which of course is tremendous - have not really heard any complaints at all so kudos to getting the logistics sorted but also to the band that got it together so quickly and the resultant great sound to the crowds who seems to just be loving all these gigs

    am loving all the comments here and unfortunately lost into the abyss of facebook but there nonetheless - so many appreciative irish folks chiming in (with some of the greatest names ever!!) with gratitude and coming back to david - you can really tell how loved he is there - and how much he loves it there as well!! great to hear that there are so many younger fans hitting these shows - I have always felt his music transcends generations but great to hear it is true there - love knowing that ireland will always be "home" for david

    the tour does sound like everything david hoped it would be - again kudos in the end to the gigstarter folks whose personal dedication to make it right was very apparent - and from what appeared to have potentially been a colossal screw up they seem to have managed to get all the tickets in the hands of the purchasers for the most part from what I have seen

    the venues appear to be fantastic and magical - the shots I have seen have made me whimper back here in the states they look so absolutely cool - the towns as well and the fact that they have stopped at places like the south pole inn etc etc - awesomeness!!!!

    and the choir and the band??!! wow!! from everything I have heard starting out with that radio broadcast to all the tape and videos I have heard it just sounds perfect - I mean of course it would be as everything is sorting to what he dreamed up like a month ago - another aspect of all of this which makes it so fantastic

    and the NEW SONGS???!! they are really striking me - I personally continue to be drawn to skelling but certainly do enjoy what all are hearing in gulls - not sure I will get there with cake but I like its pep!! as I mentioned in another thread interesting that force of nature (or whatever you want to call it?!!) and dancing with both feet have made the cut - i have to think they made the album if he is playing them now after two years of kicking those two songs around.................not sure how I categorize them?!?!

    the main observation i have made is that regardless of its generation david continues to expand his brilliant catalog all the while further cementing himself as one of the greatest singer/songwriters of this century - gulls stands up perfectly with coming down and gathering dust - kathleen a beautiful compliment to falling free......accumulates with everytime etc etc etc

    so while yes I love the band rocking out to a blistering late night radio and the fun and dancing that the draw the line tour involved (for example) - I think at the end of the day acoustic david in a church would send me to whatever heaven there is!!

    looking forward to other comments anyone may have............and the remainder of the tour!!!!!


  2. Seneca

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    Good post. I can't say that I disagree with anything you've brought up. I, too, really wish I could be there. All the chatter around here has got me looking forward to the new album, and subsequent tour, more than ever!
  3. ak11

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    where are the reports? the setlists?
  4. Elysium

    Elysium Active Grayhead

    Great post Dca, hope you are well.
    I agree on all what you said except for one said DG is one of the greatest singer songwriters of this century, I think he's the greatest :)
    I have loved reading the posts/reviews on here, this tour has been just so magical, much more than I expected. aw the venues and the far out places.I could feel the magic and I wasn't even there.
    Wish I could have made it over to Ireland, but nevermind, all of the excitement has got me now yearning for the new album and the UK tour, I seriously cannot wait.

    :) :) :)
  5. wolfie

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    Well, since I have a few hours to kill in transit and a few thoughts swirling round my head, I will chuck in a few cents...

    First a bit of business. It all worked out for me and I applaud the efforts of those involved, but I stand by my earlier stance about the way the ticket process was handled. I spoke with numerous people who had complaints about their ticket orders – including uncertainty as to whether they had tickets, how many tickets they had, no response to emails about problems, etc.. This produced needless stress and worry for people. As I said, I have no issue with the effort but I question the necessity of such a strange process when buying a concert ticket seems like such a straightforward and simple task these days.

    Now the heart of the matter. I am so grateful that I was able to attend this tour. It was something so unique and so special. Getting to hear the new music, getting to be in some very intimate and unique venues, getting to hear this newly gathered group of musicians spreading their wings together – all of it was such an incredible privilege. There seemed to be a real camaraderie among the musicians on stage and a real sense of joy coming through their instruments and voices. I'll never forget the high fives after the successful completion of The Incredible the first time or all the smiles exchanged during Cake. David seemed to be thrilled to be on stage again and even more thrilled to be sharing his new music. I love to see him smile and be relaxed and I saw a lot of both things this tour.

    I could never have imagined that I'd get to hear David sing in an Abbey and then a few days later hear him sing in a Cathedral. To have sat in the pews of two such beautiful places and heard such beautiful music is a gift I will cherish forever. I don’t have the capacity to put into words the emotional impact those two shows had on me. The other venues were good, too, but those two stand out for me for many, many reasons.

    I love the new music, especially Gulls. It's perfection. I love I Want All My Cake and Eat It, too. So simple and yet so catchy and fun. Dancing With Both Feet Off the Ground is already one of my favorite songs of David's. The music, the lyrics - it all paints the perfect romantic picture for me. I love it. Skellig is growing on me with each listen. I love the old music, too, of course, and this tour had plenty of it. David was really generous with his older catalogue this tour. I feel like with each passing year and with each new album that comes out, the more of a miracle it is to hear the older songs. I hope that he never leaves them behind and continues to share them with his live audiences.

    When I was checking into one of the many hotels I stayed in this trip the desk clerk asked me what brought me to town. I explained about the tour. She couldn’t believe it. She said she didn’t think she loved anything enough to go through that much effort, with the buses, and the trains, and all the planning and the travel and all that. Someone else on the tour asked me about how much money I’d spent and seemed to question if it was all worth it. I feel lucky to have something I love so much that I’d do almost anything to experience it. And as far as what it’s worth – I couldn’t put a value on how happy or how full of life I felt during this tour. So here I sit, in the lounge at Heathrow with tears streaming down my face (and dca’s voice whispering in my ear, all the way from Dallas, to get my sh*t together) with immense gratitude for all of it and that ever present kernel of hope that someday I get to do it all again.
  6. carmel59

    carmel59 Well-Known Grayhead

    You are such an excellent writer, and the photo you took in the soon as I saw it I thought "this is the altar David shares his gift with the world." I hesitate to get spiritual but to me there is no other explanation for what he does and the affect it has on those who listen. Thank you for sharing your experiences. Donna
  7. RosalieEP

    RosalieEP Well-Known Grayhead

    Perfect! Even my eyes are a little misty reading this!
  8. davidcotyalex

    davidcotyalex Well-Known Grayhead

    lol wolfie well now you have tears streaming right now in dallas!!! I feel like I am sitting there next to you!!!

    thank you again so much for your absolutely stellar reports and pics and everything from the road - the fact that you were able to get out so much is a testament to your dedication as we all know it isn't easy - hilarious on some of the comments folks made to you about touring - they have no clue - as i have said I can only imagine how awesome all that must have been!!! Simply to tour all the different places in Ireland in and of itself would be awesome to appreciate the country - that is what the one desk clerk doesn't really get that the road is half the fun of it all!! But then throw in all these DG gigs and it becomes the vacation of a lifetime!! And yes absolutely about the cost but I know you can afford it so congrats to you. And finally yes Donna she does write very well - I remember only a few years ago encouraging our dear ms wolfie to share more of that writing because we wanted to know her impressions - and sure glad you have my dear!!! ;)

    on the tickets again unfortunate - my last thought was most of the gigs were GA so wtf?? it was just negative energy that probably was mostly unwarranted - this gigstarter site sounds like an interesting technology but it is way more intended for relative unknowns trying to tour into new geographies - they altered its use and for whatever reason it appears to have backfired - and then the technology itself seems to have failed - but like i said a week or so ago the personal dedication of those two dudes to try to calm everyone down and get it right was pretty awesome so kudos to if i recall mick and donal!!

    and the venues??!! oh my god that I am sure for you is one thing of this tour you will always remember - I still remember the artists den venue in nyc like it was yesterday because it was so unique - and these I can only imagine but from the pics from y'all and david's snaps they look just unreal!!

    on the new songs i still have only not heard the new Without Walls song and generally am pretty encouraged - I don't seem to be as sold on cake as most of you but maybe through more listens - I have been drawn to Skelling from the very beginning - it is one of those songs that for me just hits straight to the heart - as one smart arsed dutchman suggested maybe he wrote it for me lmfao!!!

    I am very very curious now about what the Andy effect will be - hopefully this positive mood that he has filled himself with carries through into January and encourages him to just wrap it - he is such a perfectionist which is still the only worry - but I have my fingers crossed for a Spring release and a Spring/Summer US tour - let's hope!!!!

    all good - thanks again for sharing all of this with us - really really apreciated - safe travels home and fortunately you now have the weekend to get some rest - at least I hope!!

  9. RosalieEP

    RosalieEP Well-Known Grayhead

    DCA, I know I wrote a response to your initial post. I have no idea where it went! Basically, in response to the music sending you to whatever heaven there is, I say AMEN!!

    And Wolfie, your words have stuck to me. I came back to this because I have to reiterate that I totally understand what you mean about it all being worth it. With different circumstances, I'd be right there along with you! Over a decade ago, I used to be really into Dave Matthews Band and travelled the country to go to dozens of gigs. I've outgrown their music, but do I regret any of it for an instant? Not a chance! I explored places I had never been, met people I would have never met, and felt a real connection to the music at the time. Those experiences have never left me and the memories are a real part of me. This Irish jaunt of yours is all of that times a hundred. I hope to be at a place in life where I can do that at some point. If it had been a possibility for me, as I said, I would have been there too. The passion for the music, the adventure of exploring a new place, the discovery of new and old. It sounds like a real dream, and I'm glad you were able to experience it and share it with those of us who could only be there in spirit.
  10. sixstringedman

    sixstringedman Member Grayhead

    Thanks, DCA, for making a post to write about the tour in general. Most of all, thanks to all those who have been posting reviews and memories about these shows. I wasn't on for a week and a half and was giddy with excitement to come back to new setlists, songs, band members, and reviews that made me twinge with jealousy. I cannot even imagine seeing DG in such environments as these abbey's and cathedrals! Glad to know that such devoted fans got to see it all and share with us the experiences. :) I am sure I will be ranting shortly about these new songs, after digesting this all for a little here. Cheers!
  11. wolfie

    wolfie Well-Known Grayhead

    Thank you guys for the kind response to my post. I really, really appreciate it. :)

    Donna, on the spirituality issue - that is precisely one of the reasons why those two shows were so meaningful to me.

    Dca, on the ticket thing - I think we are on the same wavelength. And agreed on the guys involved - as I said, no complaints from me on the effort - totally committed. I am with you on the perfectionist thing. I hope this Irish tour gives him the peace to finish.

    Again, thanks, and here's to whatever comes next!
  12. carmel59

    carmel59 Well-Known Grayhead

    that specific paragraph you wrote really struck a chord with me....................thank you again for the most excellent review.
  13. Elysium

    Elysium Active Grayhead

    Absolutely wonderful words, a pleasure to read, glad you had such a magical time in Ireland and thank you again for taking us with you.

    :) x
  14. Helen_Can

    Helen_Can Member Grayhead

    Hi Wolfie, just getting to your posts about your amazing journey as I just joined the new forum upon my return from France. Thank you. Reading your words filled me with blissful happiness from your very first word because you not only took me there for a moment, but you also brought back to me those incandescent feelings of pure freedom and excitement when I traveled alone to Asheville for David's concert last year. And I too do get it... the worth of getting on such a journey, the personal and financial sacrifices and the infinite and everlasting gains of it. Good For You, Wolfie!
    I am seriously itching to hit the road in 2014 under more hospicious personal circumstances. May our paths cross again!
  15. Rena

    Rena Admin Staff Member

    First of all - let me thank all of those who shared their thoughts, setlists, photos and videos and everything else with us who did not have the opportunity to experience it all live with you.

    I haven't been online much for about a month and am overwhelmed by what is waiting for me here. A real treasure to explore.

    My first impressions are that this tour and the way David and his outstanding musicians have put the new and old music into life is thruly magnificient. The new songs are beautiful and the way they were performed are so fresh and new and so promising for what is about to come in the course of the new year. It will be interesting to see what the new producer adds to it all.

    This looks like 2014 will be the year of David and some truly outstanding music.

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