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Discussion in '2015 June July USA' started by bfeekes, Jul 8, 2015.

  1. bfeekes

    bfeekes New Grayhead

    Hello all, my first post in a while the last one was about the David Gray Martin (I think). I was unable to make this tour but would love if someone here on this forum that is going to an upcoming show could pick me up a tour poster if available. I can pay somebody back via PayPal and cover shipping expenses. I've seen some of the tour posters so far and they have been pretty cool. I know this is a long shot but if I could ever pay it forward in the future for someone here I would. Anyways hope everybody is doing well!
  2. John

    John Well-Known Grayhead

    Welcome back @bfeekes,
    I remember you quite well! I hope you tune in here more often ^^

    I still didn't found a martin 000c DG :( Still looking out because I earn a bit of money so I have enough in time to get one - but no luck yet (sadly.. the dream wont come true I bet).

    According to the posters: I can't look out in america while I live in europe... :D But if you look on Ebay you could find some posters of the 2014 shows.. LINK

    Here you can see all the recent posters of Davids and Amos' 2015 tour.

    And here is the one with the red car and the dog for 25$ for sale: http://www.27designco.com/portfolio/dgal-pickup/
  3. bfeekes

    bfeekes New Grayhead

    Thanks John for the link and the info! I haven't forgot about your search for the guitar. Im still on the look out for you.
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  4. SoCalFan

    SoCalFan New Grayhead

    I will be at the Hollywood Bowl show on Saturday and can grab an extra if needed? The posters at the Santa Barbara Bowl show were $30 unsigned and $50 signed. I'm not sure how much shipping and insurance would be, though? Let me know!
  5. bfeekes

    bfeekes New Grayhead

    SoCalFan that would be awesome if you could grab an extra! I would prefer a signed poster if available. I can cover all expenses.
  6. SoCalFan

    SoCalFan New Grayhead

    Hey bfeekes, I am shipping from zip 92646 - where will it be headed? (Not beheaded, ha!) Also, does it seem fair for you to PayPal half before and half when you receive it? (I've never done this sort of thing before, so let me know what works best and seems fair?)
  7. bfeekes

    bfeekes New Grayhead

    Hey SoCalFan, it will be headed to 67218. I'm totally fine with paying half now. Can you send me a private message? Again I really appreciate this! I tried to send you a pm earlier not sure if it worked? If you could respond to that with your PayPal details I can pay you tonight. Let me know.
  8. SoCalFan

    SoCalFan New Grayhead

    Tonight's poster. Love it!

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  9. davidcotyalex

    davidcotyalex Well-Known Grayhead

    I cannot believe there isn't more post script on this show....frankly if you ask me typical la fly by the moment bullshit. hate the town love the town. the pics at the marquis with trevor holden et all were great so obv all had a killer time in the land of lala dreams!

    but seriously this is all I find on the glory..........so upset we weren't able to make because this singular moment would have been worth every dollar spent attending this gig


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