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Discussion in 'From the Forum Crew' started by Marcel, Jan 11, 2014.

  1. Marcel

    Marcel Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Folks,

    Hope you are all well and enjoying your weekend !

    Now that we are up and running with David Gray Forum 2.0 I thought it would be a good idea to send you a little update on what has been happening behind the scenes.

    I remember a week in November somewhere, when we heard from davidgray.com that the excisting forum would be deleted. Not a very nice move but at the same time a chance to take it into our own hands and do a better job. I remember many people complaining after gigs etc. about the old forum and the many incompatibilities it had, on which I always replied back saying I could do it so much better...

    Well, knowing that the old forum was going to close we had very little time to sort something out... But luckily we did manage with the help of some of our hardcore members... I have to thank Rena, DCA and Nevermind here for their help and support.

    Within a week time we had a new domain, hosting, forum software, configuration, logo etc. etc. setup. Just in time for the closure of the old board we were able to announce the new one. This way most of the frequent members were able to find us.

    Not too long after we started I realised we had some issues with responsetimes, especially loading the front page for members was an issue.. I spent some time on this to see what the root cause was.. Unfortunately it was the forum software, which is one of the biggest forum software companies but as I made the choice to use their latest version, I was a bit stuck here as earlier versions are faster but there is no way to downgrade..
    After a while I decided to leave this software package and move on to a different package (XenForo) which is upcoming and has got a large community behind it. The tests with this software were very promising, but there was no easy migration path so had some work to sort out how to solve this... In the end I hired some offshore folks to do the most difficult bits of the database which worked out quite nicely..

    In a different post I will start adressing some of the features of the site, as it is probably more feature rich than you might think... And we will expand those over the next few weeks.

    One favor I ask you guys is to pop round once in a while and contribute to the site, after all we made this platform for all of you. Also if there is anything you would like to be added to the site, then please let me know in the suggestions forum. I have quite a few ideas already, but they will all take a little time. So please be patient too as we all have jobs and responsibilities, and I have probably been stretching that to the limits every now and then...:headphone:

    More to follow, for now enjoy !

  2. Rena

    Rena Admin Staff Member

    Thank you so much for putting so much of your precious time as a young father into this Marcel. Without you the DG community would be without a forum now.

    And as Marcel has said - please folks - drop by every now and then and put up some posts. Like I have always said on the old forum applies just as much to the new so much better one- the forum is and will be what we make it.

    See you all on here
    Rena xx
  3. nevermind

    nevermind Well-Known Grayhead

    Thanks so much for all your efforts, Marcel! Great job! Thanks to our Rena as well!

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  4. sixstringedman

    sixstringedman Member Grayhead

    Everything is looking great and loading very quick...Thanks again for all your hard work, Marcel!
  5. JackieJo

    JackieJo Active Grayhead

    I've just had a chance to do a bit of popping around. Thanks to all for such brilliant efforts.
  6. John

    John Well-Known Grayhead

    Hey Marcel,
    THANK YOU - and all others who enabled this forum - so much!
    Its fast, informative, old and gold and new at ones, the culture of Grayheads - and really beautiful!!!
    ITS NICE TO BE BACK HERE... Missed all the rumors of David!!
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  7. Marcel

    Marcel Administrator Staff Member

    Nice words, thanks for that !
    We will be looking to improve over time, plenty of ideas :)

    Cheers !
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  8. HB in VA

    HB in VA Member Grayhead

    The forum exists! Thanks so much for making this happen. It's good to be back.
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  9. Marcel

    Marcel Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Folks,

    Today the forum software received an update, as far as I can see all is working like before.
    If you see any issues, let me know and I will look into it.

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  10. PhoebeMercedes

    PhoebeMercedes New Grayhead

    I've been out of the loop for a while, but so glad I discovered the 2.0 forum! It's nice to be "back in the world again."
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  11. JustNat

    JustNat Member Grayhead

    Great job on this forum; so glad to have found a home here <3

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  12. John

    John Well-Known Grayhead

    Hello there,
    I've got the question, how many grayheads we are actually ?!?
  13. Marcel

    Marcel Administrator Staff Member

    499 .. And counting
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  14. John

    John Well-Known Grayhead

    Ah, that's nice!!!
    Thank you sir :)

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